Dermalogica Skin Treatments

Expert Analysis. Targeted Results.

Take a deep look into your skin’s health with a  professional consultation that reveals your skin’s past, present and healthiest future. It’s targeted skin care for exceptional results, and it’s only available from our Expert Dermalogica Skin Therapists.  Our promise to you is that your skin will never have felt as clean, or as healthy, as after one of our professional services, nor will you leave our Skin Bar without truly understanding your skin and its needs. We stock the entire range of Dermalogica skin and body products.

Skin Treatments

Face Mapping® Skin Analysis & Skin Bar – Free

Our Face Mapping® skin analysis takes all the guesswork out of getting results. Our Skin Therapist’s will diagnose your skin’s concerns and prescribe a no-nonsense home care and treatment plan to deliver your optimum skin health in your 14 unique zones. At the Skin Bar, you can learn how to use the products hands on before you buy, so pop in and take a seat. Start sampling, smelling, feeling and touching Dermalogica products in the way they are meant to be tested – on your skin! Also available for Teens using the Clear Start™ range. 20 minutes

The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment – £45

Our flagship Skin Treatment directs everything in Dermalogica’s arsenal towards your best skin.  Totally customised to your skin’s needs, its one treatment that’s different every time. Each treatment includes double cleansing, Face Mapping®skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, pressure point massage, masque, toner, eye treatment and skin protection supercharged by professional technology. Your Therapist will advise you with a suitable prescription for products for homecare use to continue the benefits of this skin treatment. 75 minutes, follow up 60 minutes

MicroZone® Express Treatment – £30

Target your top skin concern, from tired eyes to blackheads or dullness, with this speedy hands-on treatment.  It’s the ultimate solution for troubled skin – and it’s great for quick maintenance when you need it. 30 minutes *Course of 6 £135

Teen Clear Start™ Treatment £25

Created by Dermalogica for Teens.  Product choices available to teens may be ample, but aren’t good options.  Often containing harsh and inexpensive ingredients to strip the skin of oil, they are filled with artificial fragrances and colours – all things that can irritate and strip skin, causing more problems than you started with!  This treatment comes with a free skincare lesson.  30 minutes *Course of 6 £135

Advanced Skin Treatments

The Advanced Skin Treatment – £60

The ultimate skin treatment, supercharged dramatic results incorporating sophisticated technology from Bio-Therapeutics.  Each treatment includes double cleanse, Face Mapping®skin analysis, exfoliation, micro-current firm and lift muscle re-education and HD Hyaluronic Gel Masque System with LED light Therapy.  This super charged Skin Treatment delivers immediate and long-term skin health benefits that you can see and feel.  A course is perfect in the RUN-up to a big event, such as a wedding. 60 minutes *Course of 3 £150 | Course of 6 £300

Firm & Lift Muscle Re-education – £40

The perfect any-time non-surgical lift. Re-education of muscles increases natural production of collagen and elastin, increases product penetration by up to 70-80%, whilst also increasing blood and lymph flow. Great for a lifting, firming and brightening effect using micro current technology. This treatment can also be used to target ageing hands and to rejuvenate puffy, tired-looking eyes. For challenging skin concerns this treatment works best as a course of treatment taken at weekly intervals.  30 minutes *Course of 6 £210 | Course of 10 £330

LED Light Therapy – £40

LED light therapy works with different coloured lights that reach different levels of the skin, creating ATP synthesis (cell energy) improving blood circulation and normalising the cells to treat any existing conditions which concern you. Perfect for a quick skin boost!  LED can have benefits including, clearing, brightening, age management, fine lines, blemishes, dehydration plus LED treatments can also help to boost your mood during long, dark winters.  For challenging skin concerns this treatment works best as a course of treatment taken at weekly intervals.  30 minutes *Course of 6 £210 | Course of 10 £330

Add On’s

Touch Therapy – £15

For that added attention where you need it most, customise any skin treatment with a Touch Therapy! Choose up to two 15 minute Touch Therapies from;

*Stress Relief Back

*Stress Relief Neck & Shoulder,

*Stress Relief Hand & Arm

*Stress Relief Feet

*Must be paid for in full at time of booking.

Please read our cancellation policy before booking your appointment.