Spa Body Therapies

Eve Taylor London

Eve Taylor London, like us, is truly passionate about natural skincare. For over five decades they’ve been harnessing the power of aromatherapy and botanical extracts to enhance skin and wellbeing.  Spa Therapy offers the ultimate in luxury body care for a perfect spa experience both at The Therapy Centre and at home.  Soothe your senses and lavish your body from top to toe with expertly blended aromatic oils that will leave your skin soft, smooth and smelling sumptuous.  We stock a wide range of body and bathing products, diffusers, essential oils and candles for extra added luxury at home.

 Choose from scrubs, wraps and total spa body experiences

Scrubs & Wraps

Mineral Salt Scrub £30/£50

Pamper, purify and smooth your skin with an indulgent customised body scrub.  Our finely ground sea salt infused with the essential oils of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang soothe the senses while the dull, dry skin cells are buffed away. Skin drenching moisturisers conclude the treatment leaving skin soft, smooth, hydrated, glowing and invigorated. 30/60 minutes

Body Wrap £50

Designed to remove toxins, body wraps will leave the skin hydrated, illuminated and your whole body recharged and nourished. Relax and indulge in a warming comfort blanket swaddle topped off with a relaxing warm oil scalp massage. 60 minutes

Seasonal Spa Body Experiences

Our signature Spa Body Experiences change with the seasons to give you an aromatic journey for your body and senses. Exclusive to The Therapy Centre they are available for a limited time using the very best ingredients to bring about balance and wellbeing. Each essential oil featured in our treatment experiences offers multiple therapeutic benefits. Highly effective in detoxifying and eliminating impurities, they are also relaxing and uplifting, improving your mood and overall well-being.  Treat your skin, soothe your soul and renew your body. Select your experience, discover amazing ingredients, a flood of aromas, sensory experiences and skincare catered to your skins needs.

Deep Calm £55

Aroma’s of Sweet Orange, Mandarin & Lavender soothe and relax a stressed tired mind and body helping to induce deep calm. Comprising a light exfoliation and massage to the back, neck and shoulders followed by calming acupressure to the face and scalp. 60 minutes

Twilight £75


Clouds of Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange make this an experience to lift spirits, calm the mind and prepare for a good nights rest. Skin will be renewed with dry body brushing, gently buffed with mineral salts and enveloped with a warming soothing candle massage. 90 minutes

Sweet Dreams £99

Drift away to calm stillness and restful sweet dreams with a total sensory experience that induces deep relaxation. A harmonious blend of Geranium, Eucalyptus & Cypress combined with a dreamy foot ritual, gentle exfoliation and aromatic body serum, neck and shoulder tension release and acupressure to the face and scalp after a soothing warm oil cleanse will clear your mind ready for restoring sleep.  120 minutes

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